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We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk to help facilitate the best relationships between brands and influencers.
Utilising our unique software and one-of-a-kind reporting, we create 360 degree influencer marketing campaigns that create impact online, and have the results to prove it.


Not sure where to start when developing an influencer marketing strategy? We can help you create a killer campaign idea that’s aligned with your specific brand goals and objectives. We’re experts in influencer marketing and this is what we do. Our specialised team of influencer strategists will analyse your objectives and build campaign ideas tailored to your specific brand needs.

Let us create and manage the campaign from start to finish. Or if you’d like to manage it internally but need help coming up with a rock-solid idea, we’d be happy to create a concept that your team can run with on their own.


Hosting an event, conference or party? What fun! To pull it off, you’ll need the right people there. We’ll ensure the most influential, well-suited guests not only attend but also help spread the word about the event. Even better, you can leave all the nitty-gritty up to us. From invites and hand-picked influencers to tracking attendance and ensuring the guests arrive on time. You handle the event, we’ll ensure that it’s filled with the niche audience you had in mind.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure it’s the right match for both parties. This way, we can guarantee that our influencers will not only show up, but will also have the best time. Sit back and watch your event blow up on social media, while your ticket sales skyrocket.


Want to launch your new product to the world? Or do you have a unique audience in mind? Perhaps you’d like to increase brand awareness on existing products? We live in a world of recommendations and 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over brand adverts. Use the power of people to help spread the word and love for your product. We’ll source the right influencers that share the same values as your brand, gift them your product and let them do the talking on your behalf.

The best part? You won’t have to lift a finger and will have access to a live dashboard showing the results of your campaign including impressions, reach,  engagement, conversations, content and more.

When you share your product with the right people, the right message will be shared too. Watch while your sales and followers increase, and conversions shoot through the roof.

long term brand collaborations

Are you looking for a long-term brand ambassador? Perhaps you’ve collaborated before and have a particular someone in mind. What you need is a face behind your brand that can naturally sell and live out what your brand stands for, every single day. Find the perfect match with someone that just ‘gets’ your brand and can become the greatest advocate for your business.

Let us help you find and manage an influencer that can represent your brand and consistently spread awareness to their community. Our family of influencers all have one-of-a-kind talents, opinions, interests and an influential voice to share with their already engaged and loyal community.


Have a great idea? We can help you execute it. Although we specialise in influencer marketing best practices, we are also an agency with continuous creative minds and innovative ideas.

Let us help you find actors for future campaigns, amplify your existing marketing with video, or even throw an influencer featured event. When it comes to ideas, the sky's the limit and we’re always ready to take on every exciting project that comes our way. Any project that celebrates people or talent, we’ve got your back.

Influencer testimonials

PHI’s dedication to circular process management honesty makes them the best in the game!
Great team, great people and amazing campaigns.
Value your time and effort!

- Suzie Kae for Aperivito Day Campaign for Aperol Spritz

Influencer testimonials

People Have Influence are like a family and such an amazing support system.

- Marisia van Wyk

Influencer testimonials

I enjoyed my experience working with PHI. The team are professional, quick to respond, easy to work with and the passion for their work is so clear! I’m grateful they chose me to be part of this campaign ❤️

- Lauren Nierkerk for Woolies BeAuty Campaign

Influencer testimonials

PHI does it again! They matched me with the perfect brand to showcase their products and it was just so much fun.

- Chad nathan

Influencer testimonials

It was great working with People Have Influence, they always communicated effectively throughout every single stage of the campaign.

- Khwezi Ngcobo for YAga

Influencer testimonials

PHI is always incredible to work with. They are hands on, understanding and efficient. I always love working with them.

- Carishma Basday

Influencer testimonials

People Have Influence uplifts influencers without dampening their creativity.
They assist them to actually feel worthy and empowered to make a career out of their influence!

- Nicola Schreuder for the TotalSports X Adidas Perfect Fit Campaign

Influencer testimonials

People Have Influence are so easy to work with. Your process has proven to work and be a success. Communicating with you guys is so easy and efficient, always responding timeously and providing detailed information about each campaign. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on all the campaigns with you and looking forward to many more in the future!

- Priyanka Moodley

Influencer testimonials

My experience with People Have Influence has given me the opportunity to grow as an influencer, network more and meet new people. The communication and support between the influencer and the team is always excellent.If you are ready to grow, network and attend stylish events. The last event I went to was amazing, I felt like a star. They truly take care of their team and you will never lack any information! It's an honour to be part of the team.🌸

- VournE Williams

Influencer testimonials

Working with People Have Influence is always a joy and pleasure for me. From the onboarding calls to the campaign taking off, I always know I'm in the best hands possible and will be guided throughout.

- Edwin Mduduzi Vilakazi