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Influencer marketing, when done correctly, is one of the most effective ways for brands to connect with their audiences authentically.


As a brand, using an influencer allows you to tap into an already engaged niche audience. Just as you would pay for a print advert, think of it as paying for a digital print advert – one where you can actually track the views, reach and conversions, in real-time.

We’re here to help develop the best influencer campaign for your specific brand objectives.
We do not regurgitate the same list of influencers for any campaign, in fact, we pride ourselves on using influencers that have not worked with any competitor brand before, to ensure maximum authenticity.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way. From concept and ideation to profiling, sourcing and vetting the influencers based on your specific target market criteria, to content-management and tracking and reporting.


So how does it work? Through extensive understanding, our team of highly passionate and skilled individuals will break down your target audience and pinpoint the best-suited individuals for your campaign. And we won’t stop until you are 100% happy with your final selection.


We’ll then spend time ensuring the selected list of profiles do not have suspicious or fake followers and have not worked with competing brands recently.


Once the brand has chosen their favourite influencers, we then contact the influencers to ensure they too are happy with the brief and understand what is required of them. 

We like to think of this as the brand version of Tinder, where both the brand and influencer get to swipe right for the perfect match! Of course, we’ll only set up a date when both parties are mutually interested.

Once the match is made, we’ll ensure all the brand needs are adhered to, but also, we pride ourselves on making sure the influencer is also taken care of. This guarantees that the influencer and brand relationship is mutually beneficial, always!


As our client, you will be able to see a live dashboard report throughout the duration of the campaign, so you can watch your ROI and statistics change - in real time.

Click to read about these definitions below.


We are able to track the overall reach and impressions on this campaign in two ways.

Firstly, in totality (the total numbers of eye’s that have seen the posts)

Secondly, individually (the individual influencer reach and impressions) all in REAL-TIME.

Before you sign off any campaign, we will inform you of the predicted reach and impressions

Quality Impressions

We are able to track the overall quality impressions on your campaign

What qualifies as
a quality Impression?

The people who are seeing the posts that fit into your brand’s ideal target market.


We are able to track the overall engagement on your campaign - all in REAL-TIME. 

What qualifies as engagement?

Anytime someone likes a post, comments on a post, saves a post for later, shares a post as their own story, sends the post to their friend via Instagram or resharing it as a story. This counts as real people, engaging with the posts, in real-time.

Quality Engagement

We are able to track the overall quality engagement on each campaign.

What qualifies as quality engagement?

The people who are engaging with the posts, that fit into your brand’s ideal target market.


We are able to track the click through’s to your website or designated campaign URL. We can track the overall conversions on the campaign, as well as per individual influencer on the campaign. 

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CLIENT testimonial

The team was great and did everything in their power to have the campaign launch on time with excellent content. Excellent team support.

-Steffie Theunissen, Senior Brand Marketing Coordinator at Foschini Retail Group

CLIENT testimonial

Professional team that is capable of grasping the brief and delivering on point!

-Amber Schutte, Marketing MESA at Maui JIm Sunglasses

CLIENT testimonial

We gave PHI an almost impossible task of rolling out an influencer campaign for our warehouse sale within one week of receiving the brief. Their team went above and beyond to implement the brief in such a short time frame and more than doubled the exposure & ROI that was agreed upon. We were most impressed by the passion and energy that they put into the campaign and would 100% work with them again!

- Nicola Landau, Marketing Manager at Weylandts

CLIENT testimonial

PHI understood the essence of our brand and what we wanted to achieve, they came up with a creative influencer campaign that exceeded our expectations.

- Quanita Bobbs, ​​Digital Brand Manager at Totalsports

CLIENT testimonial

Please remain the same AWESOME company that you are. You are original, authentic and go over and above for your clients, please never change that. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with PHI in 2020 (with all it's challenges) and we are looking forward to continue a great working relationship and work together on some more campaigns that we will like Phi always say "knock out of the park.

- Jenine Whitehorn, Product Marketing
Manager at Hisense South Africa

CLIENT testimonial

P.H.I for Yaga is so much more than just an agency to our influencer collaborations. They have shown such passion and dedication to all our campaigns since day one and are always pushing to tak things to the next level. Each campaign with P.H.I offers something new and we value their understanding of our business goals greatly. Thank you so much for everything and we are so excited for the joint ventures still ahead!

- Anette Apri, Marketing Lead at YAGA
Marketplace & E-shop platform

CLIENT testimonial

We were absolutely blown away by the service of your team, from inception through to reporting.

- Emma Murphy, Brand Partnership Manager at Quench

CLIENT testimonial

We were absolutely blown away by the service of your team, from inception through to reporting.

- Emma Murphy, Brand Partnership Manager at Quench