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Whether you are a micro influencer [with only 1000 followers] or a celebrity with millions of followers, you can sign up to join our family. The number of followers you have is not the most important factor when choosing influencers for our campaigns.  What we focus on is your “brand fit”, the quality of your content and your engagement rate. Join our family and we hope to be working with you soon :)


Do you love sharing and creating content consistently? We have a family (we don’t like the word database) of individuals who sign up to be a part of any potential, future campaigns.

Tell us exactly who you are and what interests you when you sign up. Then, when brands approach us, we’ll search through our family to see if you and the brand are a perfect fit. Think of us as the brand version of Tinder, where both the brand and influencer gets to swipe right for the perfect match!

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How do I sign up to your agency?
Visit the 'Join Us' tab and click "Join Our Family" to sign up. It's that simple.

What do we require to sign up?
We do not have a minimum followers requirement to sign up to the agency. All we need is 4 minutes of your time to complete our online form to let us know a little bit more about you. The more juicy details you give, the better.

Is there a signup fee?
There is no sign up fee required to join the People Have Influence Family. When you get selected for a campaign, we will always ensure you are informed and satisfied with your remuneration before we proceed.

Once I have signed up, what are the next steps?
Once you have filled out and answered our questions, the next steps are simple: Sit back and wait to hear from us. As soon as we receive a new campaign from a brand we will explore our family profiles and and find the best suited influences for the job. If selected, we will contact you personally.

Do you get paid to do campaigns with P.H.I?
We do both paid and unpaid campaigns. By signing up, you let us know what types of campaigns you are interested in. It is that simple :)

Influencer testimonials

People Have Influence was really on the ball. They were really cool to work with - If ever I was unclear or uneasy about anything I could easily communicate with the team. My views and feelings were always valid. That's really cool. The response time from client or P.H.I. was also on point. Really Dope People.. With A lot of Heart! Keep Doing The Things That Make The Pots Happen! You guys put a vibe to it!

- Nontobeko Sibisi

Influencer testimonials

Participating in the Zara campaign with People Have Influence was incredible!  It was a relationship I would never have thought to build (or thought I could!), and the experience from start to finish was personal, authentic, and grounded in value for me, the brand and my audience. I feel safe and supported when working with the People Have Influence team, and am excited for the next campaign!

- Lauren Dallas

Influencer testimonials

People Have Influence got me my first liquor campaign. I felt incredibly special when I was selected 1 of 30 to receive a package and an invitation to an event. This was my first campaign independent of an influencing platform so I felt incredibly unique and it was as though I was specifically head hunted for the campaign. Thank you for not making me feel like another social media cypher.

- sade wagner